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Global Search Not Searching Archived Records

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Scott Rubino Posted: Wed, Jan 20 2010 5:22 PM

When doing a global (conflicts of interest) search in Time Matters/Billing Matters 9.0, archived records are not being searched, even though the box next to "Include Archived Records for Selected Types" is checked. Does anyone know what would be causing this or how to correct it? Thank you.

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It sounds like you are using - Search - Global search. If you are not searching any other sources except Time Matters, there is a new function for searching that is easier and is changed in Time Matters. It is the search records box that can be added to your main toolbar.  Typing in this box will search all records in Time Matters quickly.

In Time Matters 9, the database is indexed in real time by an indexing process. It should be running on someone's computer.  Issues with the indexes do happen but I have not seen where they just affect ed archives.  I would test this by adding a note to your database with some unique text  perhaps 'abc123'. I would then archive that note..then search for abc123.  See what happens.

I suspect you have to re-build your indexes.


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