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Amicus V to PCLaw link - time entries

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TEC Posted: Wed, Jun 9 2010 11:51 AM

     I would appreciate help on the Amicus V to PCLaw time entry exchange.  I am set up to send my time entries at the end of each month from Amicus to PCLaw.  Until a few months ago, it had all worked flawlessly for years.  Since then, I have identified 2 clients for whom the link appears to be broken.  All other accounts post to PCLaw just fine.

      The first step is to "post" the time entries in Amicus.  That appears to work.  Then I open Amicus Administrator and click on the "PCLaw | Exchange information" menu item.  All time entries except those on two accounts are carried over to PCLaw.  At the end of the exchange, I get an error message that says "Amicus Attorney -- Not all time entries posted to PCLaw." It is always the same client files for which the time does not carry over.

      Among other things, I have tried checking the “Exclude this file from accounting link” box in Amicus, doing a PCLaw sync, and then unchecking the box again. I also tried re-initializing the whole Amicus/PCLaw link. Neither had any impact.

      Since everything else works so well for me, and because my old version of Amicus syncs well with my Palm phone, I am hesitant to move to a newer version of Amicus, so any help would be appreciated.

      Our setup is:

PCLaw Pro 10.03a and Amicus Administrator database on a Windows 2000 server

Amicus Attorney v and Administrator on a Windows 7 workstation (Despite the difference in version numbers, both are fully updated and patched.)

     Thanks, Tom Cone

Tom Cone

Ott Cone & Redpath, PA

Greensboro, NC

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The problems could be related to the software. The version of Amicus Attorney you are running is not supported on Windows 7.  However, I would start by making sure the client/matter information in PCLaw and Amicus Attorney match. If they are different, they will not properly connect. Also make sure the matter is marked as billable in Amicus Attorney. Lastly, look at all matters in Amicus Attorney and sort by matter number. Make sure there is not a duplicate matter. You should also go to file - whose file and do a search for the file to make sure there is not a duplicate file that you can not see.


Caren Schwartz (Moderator/CIC)

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Go into those matters using Matter Manager in PCLaw and check out the Default Task Code field at the top left.  Is it empty?  Make sure that BW for Billable Work is in there and then try posting your time again.

Also, you may have confirmed this but do the client and matter numbers match in PCLaw and Amicus?

One last thing to confirm is the time entry itself.  Did you use an Activity code in Amicus (the gray bar drop down list)?  If you used a code that is not linked to PCLaw, that entry will not post.



Cindy Emmerson, Premier CIC/Moderator Affinity Consulting Group

Ph: 727-544-5400



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TEC replied on Mon, Jun 21 2010 12:39 PM

Sorry for the delay in responding; I don't check this forum often.  I think Cindy wins the prize!  I confirmed no duplicate files, all matched, etc.  I don't use activity codes (though perhaps I should).  Windows 7 is not likely the issue since I had the problem before converting over.  However, when I checked in PCLaw, I found that that these two problem accounts are not coded "BW" and instead, that field is blank. 

Our bookkeeper (and keeper of all things PCLaw) is out this week, so I know better than to make any changes now.  I'll be doing my monthly time posting next week, though, so I'll post then and let you know if that was the problem.

I appreciate both of your posts!

Tom Cone

Ott Cone & Redpath, PA

Greensboro, NC

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