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Staff initials concatenating in Group field

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Richard J Erickson Posted: Tue, Oct 5 2010 5:27 PM

A client sent me some screenshots with "Event Form - Change - Master Record" and "Event Form - Change - Linked Record" at the top of the page, and she was wondering if  "Time Matters was acting weird".

She highlighted the Group field, where Staff initials [in the Group brackets] were appearing concatenated. In other words, the entry should be [ABC,DEF] and instead is appearing as [ABD, DEFDEF], for example. Another example would be: [ABC,DEF,ABCDEF,DEF].

I'm a little at a loss in terms of figuring this out.

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Richard, there is a known issue with the Time Matters 10 Exchange Synchronization that affects Event records where multiple Staff are grouped in the Staff field. You can prevent the problem by configuring the Exchange Synchronization not the change Event records in Time Matters. That means the the synchronization is one-way from Time Matters to Exchange / Outlook. We expect to see the issue fixed in the next update of Time Matters. You should consider having the client work with LexisNexis Technical Support, assuming they have an Annual Maintenance Plan. It is likely that the Event records, while having some ugly entries in the Staff field, will perform properly.

I have seen this issue before. The records affected contain the Staff initials of a staff who has synchronized with MS Exchange and appears in Events with Grouped Staff. Records with just one Staff and records without a synchronized user's initials were not affected.

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Thanks Wells. I did in fact work with LN TS and they clarified that the issue is documented in Webstar #3173758 to be fixed in TM R11. Not sure the client will appreciate the "one way" workaround, or the "it may look ugly, but is probably OK" message, but likely WILL be comforted to know that it is a known issue and will be fixed soon.

One clarification:  If the owner of the master record synchs, and then changes the event in Outlook, and synchs back, my testing showed that the linked  records in TM did not pick up the change. Do you have a similar view?

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