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PCLawPro Enterprise - Slow Reports

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Hassan Maje Posted: Fri, Nov 12 2010 5:45 PM

One of our office’s moved to SQL early this year and since then I have seen imbalances in the accounts requring fixes with greater frequency. Also, they need to Reset Matter balances frequently. However, the challenge is the slowness of report generation. Reports take minutes to generate. The G/L Recon report for instance takes about 10-15 minutes to generate.

I plan to address these issues to our IT Dept but would like users on a similar set-up to share the following:

1.    What should be the average speed for reports to generate - in particular the G/L Recon report for recent date ranges? I would like to get some sense of numbers here regarding speed issues.

2.    Should we rely on the G/L recon report to indentify mismatches or is it normal practice to manually compare G/L control accounts with associate sub ledgers and reports?

From past experience it is not recent entries that get wayward  but past entries. For example:  If on the 15th of the month everything is fine and on the 16th some imbalances are identified, the entries that are corrupt are not necessarily those done on 16th – I have identified entries dating back to 9 months / over one year that have become corrupt.

To give a sense of the set up: PCLawPro Enterprise V 9.10d, 35 odd timekeepers, approximately 10 -15 concurrent users logged on most of the time, voluminous transactions, 1500 odd inactive matters /2500 odd active matters, 15 odd Trust Bank accounts, and 25 odd General accounts. The database is over 6 years old and apart from period (month/year) ends, no purging of old entries or summarization of matters undertaken. The PCLaw system does not integrate with Outlook or other Office applications nor is front office / connection settings enabled. However, there is a third party DMS system that relies on the PCLaw SQL database to pull client/matter information.

Furthermore we don't have any CICs in our area. Any pointers or sense of direction given will be appreciated.



Hassan Maje Anjarwalla & Khanna PCLawPro Ver 9.10d, Accounting Method: Accruals
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Does anyone connect to PCLaw through a wireless connection?


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