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Contact records crash TM(

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Drew M. Capuder Posted: Mon, Nov 22 2010 12:03 PM

Does anyone have any recommendations on this problem:

TimeMatters9 (with latest service release) is now crashing whenever any of our 3 users open and then close any contact record. Sometimes we can open a contact record and not crash occurs until we close the contract record. Other times TM9 crashes as soon as we open any contact record.

All other record types in TM9 are functional without this crashing. In other words, only the contact record cause the crash. Furthermore, we can, using the TimeMatters merge, create documents in TM9 using WordPerfect for the form which is pulling the data from the contact records.

I have even restored the three contact.tps files from a backup predating the onset of this crash problem (which was only last Thursday), and we are still having the crash problems with the contact records.

We have run the database maintenance utility. We have checked for duplicate records, and fixed duplicate records in the history file. We have run TPSFIX on the three contact records and the Message.tps file. We ran the Rebuild (from the maintenance utility) on the Relates.tps.

We use the connectivity with Outlook 2007, and we have the full CaseMap suite of programs, and I understand CaseMap has some connectivity with the contact records.

Nothing has fixed the problem. Nothing has been installed or reconfigured prior to the onset of this crash problem. All other aspects of our three computer system, networked to a Dell server, are operating normally. Our TM9 data is located on the Dell server.

When the contact record crashes TM: Without fail, we only get the generic Windows error message that says :Microsoft Windows; Time Matters Program File has stopped working. A problem caused the prrogram to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. A button sdays Close program.

We are not getting any error messages whatsoever that indicates a problem with a specific TM file.

Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks very much.

Drew M. Capuder
Capuder Fantasia PLLC
1543 Fairmont Avenue, Suite 207
Fairmont, WV 26554

Voice: 304-333-5261

Drew Capuder
Capuder Fantasia PLLC
1543 Fairmont Avenue, Suite 207
Fairmont, WV 26554
Voice: 304-333-5261

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You've certainly done a good bit of troubleshooting.  Sounds like a db problem.  You might want to run Time Matters from the server to confirm that.  If it does run from the server, then maybe it's related to connectivity. 

It appears you are on the Professional Edition.  How big is your db?  How big is are the contact tps files?  If you "restore" (copy to another location and run it from there) from the last know good db does it run okay?  Have you called tech support?

I don't know that anyone's going to come up with a silver bullet.  Fixing it will probably require hands-on troubleshooting. 

Robert S. McNeill, J.D., Time Matters-Billing Matters-PCLaw CIC, Moderator

OTB Consulting-2009 and 2010 Lexis Platinum Achievement Award-Top Time Matters Producer

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Just wondering did you ever get this fixed? We are having the exact same problem in a simular network configuration, with Matter records.  All the other records open and close fine.  I've tried all the same things, and nothing has worked so far.


Margaret M. Robinson
Attorney at Law
36 Main Street. PO Box 866
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Cortland NY 13045
Tel. 607-753-3551

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You might try deleting the relateA table and then running the reindex to recreate it.


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