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Date range in bills

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Joseph Nierenberg Posted: Tue, Dec 28 2010 12:11 PM

(TM/BM ver. 10 SP3 Hfx 1011)

I have enabled the use of date ranges in billing forms, modified the appropriate billing profile, and modified the appropriate billing layout.  My question is not about how to show a date range, but about the fields involved and their labels.

Before I modified things, the billing record showed only a bill date (ignore the record date).  After the modification, it showed both the bill date and a "Start Date."

In the bill layout, there is a "Date" field available.  There is also an "End date (if applicable)" field.  The "Date" field pulls the bill date from the billing record.  But there is no "Start Date" field.  Instead, the "End Date (if applicable)" field seems to pull the data from the billing record's "Start Date" field.

Is this correct?  Am I missing something in the layout or elsewhere?

Joseph Nierenberg
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Looking at the billing form uncustomized there appears to be only two date fields, one at the top and than the bill date field farther down the form.  Typically I reccomend to users that they hide that first date field.  The field comes from the originally programming in Time Matters and can cause a lot of confusion for some users.  The Bill date field in the bill layout pulls from the bill date field and the end date (if applicable) pulls from the first date field at the top of the form.  But you aren't missing anything.  If you are looking for something else, feel free to email me and we can see what customization might be available.

Jennifer Rathbun

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It can be confusing.  The 'Date' field in the layout is always the bill date.  That field moves to the right if you enable date ranges.  So, typically you'll see that the bill date is the 'end date', the date when you entry will be billed, and the start date is when the services began.  If you worked a 5-day trial, you could put all the time onto one time entry with a start date of, say 1-2-11 and a bill date of 1-7-11. On the time entry you would put 40 hours (if it was 8 hours a day), and include the start and 'date' fields on the bill.  Hope that helps.

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