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Custom Billing Form & Showing Charges Prior to Discount

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Richard "Bert" Diener Posted: Tue, Jan 18 2011 4:54 PM

I'm using TM Enterprise 10, SP3 and came into this after the default billing was set up.  However, I've managed to hobble something that ALMOST works but just can't seem to get this final part working.

We have the billing preferences set up for a matter with a -10% Default Fee Markup/Discount (under the arrangement tab), which gives us the correct amount the client will be charged on the Bill Layout using Bill Designer (Data Field: Billed Fees).  I also have the total amount BEFORE the discount showing on the invoice (Data Field: Billable Fees).  However, the charges listed (Data Field: Charge) already have the discount applied to them, and so total up to the discounted amount instead of the total amount prior to discount (which I would prefer).

My worry is that our client will total these fees up himself and see the discounted amount reflected and not understand where that original amount came from.  If I could, I'd like for it to show the original amount of the charges prior to the discount on the invoice.  Is that at all possible?

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Jwyatt replied on Wed, Jan 19 2011 9:01 AM

Here is a possibility I used to get Hours to appear in a certain manner when the field with the data I wanted wasn't on the list.  See if you can modify a field on the billing form to be a calculated field. Have it equal to Total Duration times Rate.  This should then be the field with the undiscounted total that you can choose to put on your bill layout.  I don't know if this will work but I think it will.  Good luck.

Jeff Wyatt
Abilene Texas

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Try going to the bill profile. On the totals & summaries tab make sure "subtotal record charges prior to printing adjustments" and "itemize adjustments after printing record charges" are both checked.


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