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TM 10 Exchange Sync and Private Contacts

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John Rankine Posted: Tue, Jan 25 2011 9:01 PM

I have a client that is running TM 10 and the Exchange Sync. Currently the sync is set up so that all the contacts go to all the users (all the staff fields are blank in TM). The issue is that private contacts are also being sent to all users. The users want their private contacts, but they only want their own private contacts and they don't want their private contacts syncing up with the other users mailboxes.

LexisNexis said there was no solution as far as the Exchange Sync application goes, but I will like to pick some brains here because someone else must be experiencing a similar problem and have found a workaround.

Any ideas?



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I may be thinking of this too simplistically but couldn't you just add staff to the private contacts and then it would only sync to that staff member.  The hierarchy is ones with staff go only to that staff and empty ones go to everyone.


Robert Rice

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That makes perfect sense...however we were experiencing an issue with the TM-Exchange Sync and LexisNexis had us remove all the staffing fields from all the contacts as a solution. Have you ever experienced such an issue? The client is running SBS 2008/Exchange 2007 and TM10.

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I have the opposite problem. The client would like all contacts to sync to everyone, but they want to track staff on the contact.

Haven't figured out how best to handle this yet.


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