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Populating a Matter from a Contact

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Richard J Erickson Posted: Wed, Mar 9 2011 11:55 AM

When I'm in a Contact record and I choose File | New Record | Matter I'd like to be able to automatically populate some fields in the Matter when it opens up (not after its opened up). The only field in the Matter that is automatically populated when it opens up is the Client field (MATTER:CLIENT), which I believe is program driven. Anyone have any ideas on this?

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1.  Right-click on the Client field in the Matter form.
2.  Go to Customize Field.
3.  Click the "Set Field Links" button
4.  Select the "Field Matching" tab
5.  Select the Contact fields from the left and match them to the Matter fields on the right.


May or may not have saved this reply, sorry if there is a duplicate.

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If you want the same info for each matter, you can set up an autoentry form with those fields filled in and then set up a trigger to add a matter with that auto entry.  You will probably want to set this trigger to run based on something like changing a code on a contact record (eg from prospect to client) or you could just run the trigger.  If you plan to do the latter, it's a lot easier if you add the Trigger icon to the list toolbars (under User Level options/ Lists/ select record type (you can do this for all of the ones you use), then click set list options and go under List Toolbar and add the trigger icon.  The other option would be to tie an autoentry to a classification code for your matters - once you type in the code, the fields could be filled in.  Let me know if you need further clarification.


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I'll echo Bert, but warn you that his method will auto populate those contact fields into the matter for all matter types.  The better practice is to go to file setup templates form styles - matters and do this for one matter classification code. Editing the default template cannot be easily undone.

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