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Subtotal by day?

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Joseph Nierenberg Posted: Wed, Jun 1 2011 10:03 AM

I've tried in vain to find a way to do this, but perhaps some other users or a CIC has discovered a way....

Under TM/BM 10, is there a way to print an invoice that shows a subtotal for each day?  There would be, in other words, a long listing of billing records with a total for the entire billing period, but there would also be totals shown for each day (not cumulative, but each day separately).  I have a client that is looking for this type of invoice, but the closest I've come is to generate an invoice and then do a painstaking parallel document in Excel that shows the daily tabs.

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I don't have a solution within TIme Matters but once you generate the bill you can save to excel and then probably use the subtotal function within Excel. That might save some time.


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If you have a date in the upper date field that is the same as the bill date, you can set a sort in the bill profile to sub-total by date. In other words, the bill item has two date fields; one for the date created, (record date) and one for the date worked (bill date).  If you go to the bill profile, to the itemize options tab, in Time Charge Options area, there is a button to 'sort by'.  One of the choices is date, (I think, but am not 100% positive that the date is the record date, and not the bill date).  If you select 'date', you can choose to sub-total by checking Show Totals on Group.   Hope that helps! ~ Kathy

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