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Can I autopopulate the Memo field in an EVENT form?

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Dario Diaz Posted: Wed, Jul 13 2011 7:16 PM

I have an event form that has various fields with a MEMO field at the bottom.  One of the areas on the form is the LOCATION of where the event takes place...the physical address, city, state, etc.

What I would like to do is get those fields in the EVENT form and automatically copy them in the MEMO field when the form is saved.  Why? you may ask...well here you go:

When I save an EVENT in TimeMatters it has the location of the EVENT in the TimeMatters form.  But, when the EVENT syncs to my Exchange server none of the location information is transferred to my iPhone.  Therefore, the EVENT shows up on my phone, but I don't know where the event is taking place...which makes it hard to get there.

However, if I can put the information in the MEMO field on the EVENT form, it does show up on my iPhone.  So, it would be fantastic if the MEMO field had the address of the location of the EVENT.  I know I could copy and paste it, but please assume that my 4 staff members will constantly forget to copy the location information to the MEMO field.  Therefore, it'd be great if it would automatically populate.

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