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Time/Expense Report wtih Phantom Staff

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Koakes Posted: Thu, Oct 6 2011 10:37 PM

Folks, have trainees generally enter time/billing items as RRR (receptionist revolving rotation)(I have high turnover, what can I say).  So, during June, July, August, the receptionist enters time as RRR.   She got hired in August and so I went back in and changed the RRR billing items to her official MMA designation (her name).  On billing items, and on phone records, all show MMA.  

HOWEVER, when I print the time/expense history report, I get some line items that are MMA and some line items that still have RRR on them.   I have done manual entry on the forms, I have done search, tag, process a change on the billing items from RRR to MMA as Staff.....all looks good...until I run the report and there's the pesky RRR again.  

So far this is just one case as I prepared to file an itemized billing statement in bky court today and got stuck trying to figure out WHY. 

Anyone know?    TM/BM 10 Enterprise.    Reindexed weekly....

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Were the items that you tried to change already billed? I have found that already billed items generally don't get changed.


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Koakes replied on Sat, Oct 8 2011 10:43 PM

Thank you for your question, Caren. 

Nope, not billed.  Spent two hours on phone with TM Tech Support...we found the billing records with bil_staff column noted as RRR for the ones in question.  Some reason that the reindexing and the tag/process/change didn't pick up THAT particular record.  Tech Support had no answer but asked me to reindex with Pre-Import Repair checked and then move on to the next client to see if the RRR issue was still there.    Will do that tomorrow. 

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