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Conditional Statements and Merge Templates

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Jennifer Ahrens Posted: Tue, Dec 6 2011 10:02 AM

Hi, Is there a way to add conditional statements to a merge template? We have two fields in the Secondary tab that house information that we want to be able to control how it appears in the merge template. Looking for using IF THEN statements and also if its possible to write a statement where IF X field has a certain value in it, then do Y. Any help is appreciated.

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Yes. In MS Word, you can use If...Then...Else from the Rules button on the Mailings tab. Here is an example:

DEPOSIT FOR FEES.  Client will pay an initial deposit of $ { FILLIN  "RETAINER
  AMOUNT" \d 2500  \* MERGEFORMAT } to be applied against attorney fees incurred by the
  client.  { IF { MERGEFIELD CON_NonRefDeposit } > 0 "Of this amount { MERGEFIELD
  CON_NonRefDeposit } is nonrefundable.  The nonrefundable portion will not be deposited into a
  trust account but will be applied against attorney fees first. The refundable amount will be
  deposited into the law firm trust account"
"The deposit will be deposited into the law firm trust
} and will be applied against attorney fees as they are incurred.

If the Non-Refundable Deposit field has a value, the red text will merge. If not, the bold text will merge. You need to add the field, { MERGEFIELD
  CON_NonRefDeposit }
, after you have created the If..Then...Else field. This will be covered in detail in our new step-by-step guide, Power Tips for Merging Documents and was covered today in our free Webinar. We plan to make the recorded Webinar available later this month.


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