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Timematters/Nuance TM patch

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Amy Donnelly Posted: Tue, Jan 31 2012 12:15 PM

We recently installed TM, BM, Casemap, and Concordance as well as a "patch" for the copier to allow a document that has been scanned from the copy machineto be "added " direclty to TM. 

We need the scan to be acknowledged as a "record added" so that we can trigger a pop up or an alert or preferably both to alert the attorneys that a doc has been added to a case.

My understanding is that this is a "customization" change that needs to be "written".

We are deperately looking for a solution  - open to any suggestions!



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Hi Amy,

Depending on exactly what's going on behind the scenes with the copier utility, there may be a solution.  Of course the triggers in Time Matters will not be activated by this type of add. It will certainly be a custom piece that will have to be written.  We might be able to help you, but to say for sure more information would be needed about what is happening behind the scenes.  This would be rather difficult to discuss in a forum without more knowledge.

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Hi Amy:

I have a custom utility I wrote for another client that creates a Doc record based on information gathered from another application that may be further customized to suit your purpose, but would definitely need more specifics about your process to see if it is possible.  Perhaps you could outline your process a little more specifically so we can see what the missing link is in your workflow?


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