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invalid characters removed - tm 11.1

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andreaa Posted: Tue, Mar 6 2012 10:17 AM

After installing tm11.1 I am getting a notification when I go to add a document that "invalid characters have been removed".  This is new to this version.  I am using autoname which includes the matter ref and the matter refs were imported from amicus where a / character was used.  I have tried a "_" character but still get the message.  This was mentioned as a new feature in the TM 11.1 release notes but it is creating an extra click for us each time we create a document.  I know the obvious solution is not to use these characters.. but is there a switch to turn off or a list of "invalid" characters?


Thank you.


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Andrea - 

Those characters are hard coded into the new update, unfortunately there is not a way to turn them off.  The developers are trying to get a more Microsoft complaint software and this was one step they had to take.  You can use the mass change feature to remove the invalid character fields.  

Jennifer Rathbun

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Ken Brown replied on Wed, Mar 14 2012 4:30 PM

I am curious to know if what you are experiencing is similar issue to the one I describe in "" ?

We are now at TM 10.0 SP3 Hotfix 1011.

I have a Document Form where the file name is "" because I found it MUCH more convenient to have this reference in the document powerview rather than the web powerview.  I believe I created this record back in version 8.

Unfortunately under version 10 I cannot create such a Document Form I get the error message window titles "Invalid Characters Were Replaced" and the message is:

"The file name contained invalid characters. These characters have been automatically replaced with underscores (_)."

This means I can no longer create such document records, which for me were VERY useful.




Ken Brown Dunn and Dunn Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
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