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TIMEMATTERS: Mail Merge to Word 2010

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Ronda Tappan Posted: Wed, Mar 7 2012 6:07 PM

I have created a lot of letters and found that no matter what I do... I cannot get the CREATEDATE field to update properly on newly created merged documents if performing the merge action in TimeMatters.  If I perform the merge outside of Timematters, the CreateDate field updates the merged document correctly.  Has anyone ran into this and what is your recommendation.  

I have contacted several CICs in my area and have contacted Lexis twice and am told there isn't much I can do.  I also have run into problems with Macros running properly when merged from Timematters.  Any opinions or suggestions are greatly appreciated.  I have tried merging from Word 2003 (doc) and Word 2010 (DOCX) and from word template (dotx) and just Doc.

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Ronda - 

Is that date field blank or is it using the wrong date?  I know in most cases when Time Matters refers to the createdate field it is refering to the matter creation date.  In most instances, using {TODAY} field instead will fix that.

Jennifer Rathbun

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