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TM Save Email Attachment Handling - how to set default action?

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Ken Brown Posted: Thu, Mar 29 2012 11:44 AM

When TM Saving an Outlook email we ALWAYS want to to select the option to save attachments as "Attachments to the email" (image below).

The odd time a user will somehow select the wrong option and there the selected option remains forever more - even across restarts of Time Matters - until the incorrect option is noticed and the user is reminded to select the correct option.

Is there a way to force the option to a the value we want?  In other words can we force the radio button "Attachments to the email" to ALWAYS be selected? 

This would mean that if the user makes an error and selects the wrong option such a selection would be a one-time event because the very next time he/she does a TM save the correct option will be again selected.

We have TM 10 SP3 Hotfix 1011 Enterprise.


Ken Brown Dunn and Dunn Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
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Ken. perhaps someone could find a registry entry or something....but if a user changed the setting it would over write the registry entry that you set.

This is one of the areas that Time Matters could easily be improved. Allow us administrators to set settings for users and not allow them to change them. In our implementation a user would only select the first option and never use the other 2.  You can always send Lexis a suggestion.


Matt Stone, LLB
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You are right about setting a default or locking down the choice.

This may help -

I haven't tried it, but I believe that Macro Express's ""Window Activation" can be set up to watch for and respond to that dialog box.

Whenever the box appears,  Macro Express would   trigger and click on the radio button you want as you default. 

From their website:"A Window Activated macro runs when a specific window gains focus (appears) on your computer."


Best of luck

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While Macro Express is a great product, it is not free, and it would need to be installed on every PC that runs Time Matters.  I routinely create programs to set defaults using Autohotkey, which is free, and can create compiled programs.  A program to wait for a window and select a default would only be two or three lines of code.  If you decide to take that approach, feel free to let me know if you run into any problems.

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