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renne2001 Posted: Thu, May 3 2012 5:59 PM

Is there anyway to change the default landing place for the cursor when you open an event form. We have had a few unpleasant surprises over the years when we notice the date has changed because someone had inadvertently advanced the roller on their mouse while the date field is highlighted ?


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Time Matters does not have the capability of moving the cursor to another field when you open a Form. There is a neat trick, though, for dealing with your problem.

In User Security, you can create a Special Exception. You might want to add the exception just to those users with wheel mice :)

Main Menu | Setup | Users and Security | User
Open a User
Special Exceptions | Field Based Exceptions
Select button (upper)
Select button (lower)
Check: Date
Double-click on Y under Chg and under Del

Now the user can still Add, Change and Delete Events, but cannot change the value in the Date field, accidentally or on purpose. The user can, however, drag and drop the Event to a different date (unless you have disabled drag and drop). Incidentally, with Auditing enabled, you will have a record of any Date changes showing the date and time at which the Event Date was changed and which user changed it.

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