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HTML e-mail, blue text, and attached graphics

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Joseph Nierenberg Posted: Mon, May 7 2012 10:24 PM

After a dozen or so years, I am throwing in the towel about using only plain text for e-mail. The world may be misguided, but I'm joining 'em :-)

I have two questions for which I cannot find answers. Assume that e-mail options (ver. 10) are set to show HTML always, both incoming and outgoing; that "safe view" is toggled on; and that I have a default signature, which is set to be included on replies/forwards as well as originating outgoing messages.

1. Replies and forwards show the signature in blue, and there is no way to start a black line above it. (Moreover, there is no way to set the color of text that originates in the TM e-mail.) I cannot be sending blue messages. How are people avoiding this?

2. The width of the signature block wrecks the line endings if I try to put a signature in a table, even with # 2 text. So I'd like to see whether it would work to put the sig in a small image that is sent along with the message. (I don't want to put in a src link that goes to the 'net.) How, if at all, can one set a default by which the program always sends a particular image file; and how does one code a reference to that file? Is there a better way to do this?


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