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Windows 7 and TM10 add-in problems

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Darlene Posted: Wed, May 9 2012 11:10 AM

My company uses TM10 and we just installed it on a new windows 7 computer.  All the data is fine and we can see all our matters however, when we try to save an outlook email, word documents, etc the buttons don't work.  They are there but they just don't do anything when you select them.  I went into workstation setup and unchecked the outlook button and then checked it again and it still didn't do anything.  I cant understand why the buttons are there and don't work.  We have very high security at our place and I don't have any admin privledges to the computer.  Could the security be causing the issue?

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My guess is the macro security in outlook is preventing the button from being fully enabled. You might have to trust the add-in or change macro security. 

Go into outlook and look at the add-ins. Is the TM add-in there and enabled? 

The other thing to try is close outlook and close Time Matters. Right click on Time Matters and click "Run as administrator". Then go in to workstation settings and turn off the outlook links, ok and then go back in and turn them on again. 



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Darlene replied on Wed, May 9 2012 2:20 PM

The TM add-in is enabled and I am also not able to do the Run as administrator because of the security issues.  It is a Government facility and the security is extremely high.

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