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TM 11.1 and Blackberry Desktop Software

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Linda C Jones Posted: Fri, Jul 27 2012 4:36 PM

These two don't play well together. I have two systems where whenever Blackberry Desktop Software is started, a message comes up "Configuring Time Matters 11." Then it goes searching for good old infoent.msi, which it fails to find because it is not on the computer. This started with TM 11.1 (or maybe TM 11.1 SP1. Once computer is XPSP3; the other is Win7SP1.

Cancel it and it just starts over again. Only task manager can cancel it. The only way to use the Blackberry software is to ignore this message and go ahead. When finished, cancel the Time Matters configuration with task manager. Not to friendly for the average user.

I did not ask for any sort of integration. What the heck is going on here? And does anyone know how to stop it?


Linda C Jones Winter Hill Associates New York, NY
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This is generally the result of a corrupted Internet Explorer link in TM. The newer versions of BB Desktop Manager require an internet connection to function so when you launch the desktop manager it actually accesses the internet. Try resetting the IE linK under the workstation level setup in TM and see if that fixes it.

Hope this helps,



Michael Susskind

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Thanks, Michael. You are spot on that IE integration is somehow involved. However, in neither case was I able to eliminate the problem by resetting the IE link in setup. What I did was uninstall Time Matters, then custom install, omitting IE.

Two interesting facts:

.  This never happened with TM11. It happened only after upgrade to TM11.1 SP1.

.  The IE link itself worked fine directly in IE.

Once the ugly message was eliminated, I was able to re-establish the IE link, without triggering the ugly message again.

I must say I'm a little mystified.


Linda C Jones Winter Hill Associates New York, NY
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