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Entering beginning bank balance

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Dera Pease Posted: Thu, Nov 9 2006 1:06 AM

I am attempting my first bank reconciliation.  We have deposits entered from 2005, I would like to clear these without affecting bank balance, and believe I do so in the account register by right clicking "reconcile" in the reconciled column.  I have posted trial balances to 09/30/06.  How do I enter beginning balances in the bank account.  I see in accounting set-up - accounts - I can do so for all accounts, except the operating account.  The area is gray and doesn't allow any entry.  This is the account I am would like to enter a beginning bank balance in. 

By reconciling previously accounted for items as noted above, and clearing items from the bank statement, I was off by the amount of the beginning balance of the bank statement.  My beginning balance shows $0.00.  How do I get the beginning balance in TM to equal my bank statement beginning balance?

Thanks for any advice.

Dera Pease

Legal Secretary

Auburn, IN

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When you start the first reconciliation for a bank account, the reconcilation process automatically grays out the beginning balance field on the bank account.  Once this has been done, I do not know of a way to make that box active again.  You should call tech support.

Kelly Leeman Information Services Associates, Inc. Hillsboro, Oregon

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