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Receipt Allocation Report has incorrect value for Total Billed

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Steven Stadler Posted: Tue, Mar 3 2009 10:33 PM

I may be doing this incorrectly, so if that is the case, then I am looking for guidance on how to properly handle this next time.

I have a client who has not paid the last few invoices I sent them.  They sent a partial payment that I applied toward the first unpaid invoice.  I then made a new invoice that showed the partial payment and remaining balance.  There were no new charges on this invoice. 

I had entered the payment using Billing | New Transaction | payment - then I entered the payment amount and select the project and it applies the payment to the oldest invoice.

Then I right clicked on the project in the project list, and selected Billing | Create Bill

This made a new invoice showing the partial payment and included the partial payment in the total payments and credits, and showed the remaining balance due.

If I double click on the invoice to open the invoice form for the invoices where I just wanted to show the partial payment, the invoice balance is zero and the invoice status is paid, and the net billed value, and payments and credits are also all zero.

When I ran a Receipt Allocation Report by Client, the amount billed and amount paid do not show the difference that is the amount due?

If I run the Billing History for this client, I get the correct value for the total billed but that does not match the value for the billed amount in the Receipt Allocation Report.

Did I do something wrong here??

Thank You,





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I found the answer I need in post 17683
Steven R Stadler InCircuits Incorporated 4284 Reiland Lane Shoreview MN 55126 Tel 651 765 4225 Fax 651 765 4226
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If you are questioning the invoice that you ran where there were no new charges, the balance should be showing as zero. You're using the invoice approach to provide what amounts to an AR statement. I do that in my business too, although I will sometimes reprint the unpaid bill on a customized layout instead, to avoid having a lot of zero total invoices.

If you go to the invoice list, and filter for all invoices for this one matter, do any invoices appear that are not on the AR tab of the matter, or on the Allocation Report? I'm wondering whether the client designation for the matter was changed at some point, so that some of the invoices have a different client designation than others. If you run the report by matter instead of by client, do you get different numbers?

Sometimes it is a case where one of the tables loses relation. You don't mention your version or database platform, but, here's a suggestion if that is the case; delete the aging file and run the re-index. That should correct this issue. Have you been doing regular database maintenance? If not, this should be on your calendar twice a month or even more often if you enter a lot of data.

All users must exit the program and remain out of the program while, first a backup, then the file rename, and then the reindex is run.

You might want someone experienced with Time Matters support to assist you with this project if you are in the least squeamish about it. After all, your data is your firm life.

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