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Flat Fee + Actual Bill Arrangement Adjustments

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PEL Posted: Sun, Apr 5 2009 4:09 AM

I am running TM/BM v9 bundle on Windows XP Pro sr3. I have a number of clients with a flat fee plus actual billing arrangement. I want to apply a 10% across the board reduction adjustment to the flat fee portion of the fee only due to current economic conditions to reward these loyal clients but I want both the pre- and post- reduction amounts plus a label or message describing the reduction to appear on every bill. I first tried to use the percentage discount option in Billing Preferences>Arrangment but this did not change the pre-reduction charge. I then created an action in Billing Preferences>Actions but this also failed. It appears that neither option effects the flat fee + actual arrangement. Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks.

Paul E. Lee / Law Office of PAUL E. LEE / Los Angeles, CA

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I tested your scenario my own live system TM/BM9. The Action Tab works great on individual billing entries, but does not have the same affect on Flat Arrangements. Perhaps you could enter a Credit for the amount you want to adjust prior to creating the Bill. When you generate the bill, the Credit will be included in the total and display a special message for your client. Obviously the drawback is that each Credit is manually calculated and entered per Bill Cycle per Matter.


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PEL replied on Mon, Apr 6 2009 10:20 PM

Lisa, thanks for your prompt response. The credit method would work but it is cumbersome and may not be worth the effort. It would seem that BM would have a function that allows for the creation of a repeating credit or other adjustment similar to the Actions function. As an alternative I modified the bill label for the flat fee charge in Billing Profiles to make reference to the fee reduction, but the message is truncated because of the label field size amd maximum number of characters allowed. Unfortunately I had to make use of abbreviations and akward wording. Thanks again. 

Paul E. Lee / Law Office of PAUL E. LEE / Los Angeles, CA

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