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Exchange doesnt relay TM external mails!

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Oluwaseyi Obabiyi Posted: Tue, Dec 1 2009 4:52 AM


We host MS exchange server housing our emails on our LAN and TM is configured to directly poke into the various POP3 accounts for our users.

We are able to send internal mails to our exchange users as well as receive both external and internal emails in TM but we are not able to send external mails from TM. TM Email Agent come with d message:


The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server.
The rejected Email address was ''
Subject 'Test Mail'
Server Response: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay


Note: we are able to send mails to external domains from Outlook so it's not like the exchange cant relay emails.

Is this a TM or Exchange problem or is there some settings we need to adjust for TM Email Agent?

We run TM9E SR3 

Obabiyi Oluwaseyi, Senior Consultant, FEES Limited, 11th Floor bookshop house, CMS Lagos, Nigeria.

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You need to change a setting in MS Exchange. Presumably you have Time Matters set to send external e-mails from Time Matters via SMTP. Your MS Exchange server has an SMTP virtual server that needs to be configured to allow relaying.

With Outlook, your software is not using SMTP to send messages to MS Exchange and out to the Internet. So the fact that Outlook can send external e-mails does not mean you have MS Exchange configured correctly for sending Time Matters e-mail.

You should also apply the latest Service Release for Time Matters 9.

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