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UTMBS - TM not separating time/expense codes in final file

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Jwyatt Posted: Tue, Dec 22 2009 9:11 AM

I am setting up an electronic billing for a client.  The Ledes1998B format has a field for Line Item Task Code and another for Line item Expense Code.  A billing item should be one or the other (fee or expense).  Time Matters is creating an electronic file that populates both these fields with the same billing code.  The client is demanding that we only populate one or the other.

Am I missing something or is that just the way it is in TM 7.0 enterprise Billing Matters Plus? 

Assuming this is something that can't be fixed, it may be "work around" time.  Right now the template for this electronic billing looks to "billing code" as the source for both of these fields.  I could change that and have it look at a user defined fields.  Is there a way to do an "if" statement to populate a user defined field? i.e. If code starts with "E" then ...

I may just have to apply a fix to the electronic file instead of fixing it within TM.  The built in Ledes 1998 format is so nice I am surprised this limitation is there.  I am hoping I am missing something.

Jeff Wyatt
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Jeff, I have clients using ebilling in various versions of BM, including BM7e. Their setup involves the Bill Code and Phases to bring in the A Codes and the L codes. The Ledes98 electronic billing template needs to be assigned on the Billing Prefs Template. As timekeepers enter time they use a Bill Code and a Phase for each time entry. When they enter an expense, they use an approved E Code. Upon converting the final bill to the ebilling format, the codes will be in the order that is required and then the file is typically uploaded. I would take a look at the field matching. It sounds like something is mixed up there. I have reviewed posts from other consultants who do not use the Phase Code, but that has always worked for me.


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Go to the setup of the electronic billing and click on the detail tab. Highlight the line that says Line item task code and click on Change - is it set to time, expense or both. This should only be time. SImilarly the expense code should be set as only expense.


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