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Time Matters/PC Law matching section doesnt display on Time Sheet and Billing Form

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Oluwaseyi Obabiyi Posted: Mon, Dec 28 2009 7:42 AM

Hi Folks

We have a Time Matters/PC LAW setup where every time/expense entry gets pushed to PClaw which was working just fine.

But suddenly the Time Matters/PC Law Matching and the Billing details sections on the timesheet and billing form stoped to display. I have check the link config under program level setup and everything seem to be in order. I have re-established the TM/PC law link to no avail. The 'view' tab on both the billing form and timesheet do not list these sections for display. And the form setting for both program-level and user-level setup do not offer any display options for these sections. We can no longer enter billable items as the form keeps complaining that some sections are not completed. 

Anyone knows where i can restore these forms' sections?

We run TM 9E sr3 and PClaw 9.



Obabiyi Oluwaseyi, Senior Consultant, FEES Limited, 11th Floor bookshop house, CMS Lagos, Nigeria.

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The first thing I would suggest checking is in PCLaw - make sure no one turned off or changed the Connection Settings.


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