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What is the best way to assign multiple clients to a matter for joint representation?

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Erik Hammarlund Posted: Mon, Jan 4 2010 12:17 PM

I sometimes do joint representation--husband/wife, or founder/corporation, etc.  How do people handle the "one client per matter" limit in PC Law?  i have created a contact type called "other client" and I go that route, but I am not sure how that will work for conflict searches, etc.


Any ideas?

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If you are using the contacts in PCLaw, your client would already be in the system.  PCLaw does contain case management features so you can relate contacts, events, to do, notes to a matter.  Add a contact for the other party and link it to the matter under Matter Manager.  Conflict search should then find both parties.  If you are using a case management system along with PCLaw, then you have to decide which system todo conflict checks, or both. 

Hope this helps. 

Pat Cunningham, PCLaw CIC, Time Matters CIC

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I guess I would open a client in the joint names of husband/wife. If the issue is billing and accounting then you could create two seperate clent matter files if they will be billed time apart. Furthermore if it will be a case of split % billing when both matters will be billed at the same time, you could create a main client/matter in the names of husban/wife (e.g. Mr & Mrs...). Then create seperate client matters for each one of them and then associate them as subsidiary matters to the main matter. I guess for conflict search they will appear more than once.

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