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How do you bill for multiple unique services on a single matter

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Hassan Maje Posted: Wed, Feb 24 2010 10:09 AM

I am doing accounts for a Company Secretarial firm who have recently acquired PCLawPro.

They would have a matter for a client with a certain description (E.g. Matter # 50116-100. Re: Special, 50116-101, Re; Compliance, etc). On the same file they record time and they would raise multiple bills over time, each bill is for unique services rendered to the client.

At Billing I would adjust the Time value to agree with the Fee value being billed (Bill Up/Down) and their bills should show only a single narrative of the work done (no time entries).

How can I have unique explanations appear on each bill on the same file that stays on the bill even if the bills are recreated later. The problem is if I use the Bill Memo field or Re line to type a unique narrative for each bill and I use an appropriately designed template ( that has the Memo field/ Re line), I suspect the prior bills will also reflect the new memo when prior Bills are “Recreated”. This will mean if a client wants copies of the outstanding bills on a file, all bills will reflect the most current Re line/Memo field which will be confusing.

If I create a different matter for each unique work being billed for (E.g. 50116-100-01,…) that would work but I am not sure if the time docketed by the Consultants and the expenses will go to the right matter (they will only know 50116-100 at time of posting).

Any ideas will be much appreciated.


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If am understand your issue, you need to create unique Bill templates for the client, and create different Text blocks on each different template with the words you want to appear. This text will remain constant even if you recreate the bill again (using the same template of course.)

Then attach the template with the words you want to appear at the time of billing.

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Yes, this works. I think you refer to the Bill Run Time Memo token on the Bill template which picks up the text block typed at time of billing. I gues then this is the only option. Thanks

Hassan Maje Anjarwalla & Khanna PCLawPro Ver 9.10d, Accounting Method: Accruals
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Matt Stone replied on Fri, Feb 26 2010 10:47 AM

If I frame the question a bit differently.. let me know if I am accurate.

In a law firm, you can charge flat fees for services on a matter. Good examples are flat fees for a real estate transaction, flat fee for a contingency matter, flat fees for a transactional matter - incorporation, a contact etc...

In these situations, perhaps you do want to track your hours to figure out if you are making money. 

The answer is that you can not show all of the time entries on the just show the ones that you want the client to see.  Off the top of my head I see 2 options:

1. Set the time entries to add to totals only.  You could enter fee sheets that are the descriptions that you want to show and "show description only".
2. The older style that pre-dates these hold options is to set the billing template to only show "fee sheet entries". This way the template does not show any of the time entries and only show the fee entries. You can enter the fee entries as "$0.00".

In either case you want to alter your templates somewhat. You would not want rate or hour columns. You may not want total columns if you are entering the fee sheets as a value of $0 to be holders for the description holders.  We have clients that keep standard text statements in a word document and ust copy and paste into the fee sheets their long explanations.

So if I am correct, this is an option almost all law firms can use..if they do any type of flat fee billing "including contingency". We see many firms that create invoices/bills in different appliations (word).. we encourage our clients to create them in PCLaw and pay attention to the allocations on these bills... it tells you a lot.

As usual if you need further instrucitons post back...I think I recall a support article on the options above but I would be hard pressed to find it again.


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