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SQL Express 2008 & TM7 Enterprise

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Jwyatt Posted: Mon, Nov 8 2010 2:35 PM

Anyone know if TM7e is compatible with SQL Express 2008?  We are about to exceed the 4 gig limit on SQL Express 2005 and the 2008 version apparently allows up to a 10 gig database.

Jeff Wyatt
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While it may work, I am sure it is not tested.


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Jwyatt replied on Tue, Nov 9 2010 9:13 AM

Totally understand that but perhaps there are some out there who have migrated.

Just curious, we save no email, attachments, pictures etc. to Time Matters.  We do create out bills using Billing Matters so there is a link to every bill created the last 4 years.  I am surprised that the database has grown so much.  Do the images of invoices effect the size of the database?  I would think they would be stored outside the database and the program would just have a reference to the location in the actual database.

Last question.  When we say a database is approaching 4 gig are we in agreement with what that means?  I am saying that a file located on the server  is approching 4 gig.  The path and file are Y:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$Timematters\Data\timematters7.mdf.

Is this the file that SQL Express limits to 4 gig?

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I would suspect you do not have a maintenance routine running on your SQL database. You need to look further into the size of your database and see if it can be shrunk. It may be full of empty space as the Time Matters database is set ot auto-grow.

Steve has a relted post on size of transaction logs here:


Matt Stone, LLB
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Just wondering if you tried SQL Express 2008 and if so did you have any problems. I am facing the same issue with TM9E.

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I emailed Andrew Sloan about this to see if there was a compatibility issue between TM8 and 2008 express.  He said he's done some tests but can't recommend it because the Maintenance breaks if attached to 2008.  He says TM8 won't install on 2008 through the wizard.

I'm kind of stuck.  I may have to do it in one full sweep by attaching to 2008, connect to 2008 with client and then immediately running the import with 2000 shut down.  Not sure if it will work though.

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Jwyatt replied on Tue, Nov 15 2011 7:44 AM

No and I have forgotten why.  We ended up purchasing the full SQL 2005 program and having it installed so that there is no longer any database limit that will effect us.  I believe our Consultant first "shrunk" our database with a tool he had which bought me four or five months then we were going to go with 2008 Express but somehow diverted to the Full SQL 2005 method.  I suspect there was a good reason why we did not go the "free" route. I think the conversion including the software, licenses and consultant time cost around $3,500.  I am very pleased because it simply works with no problems.

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