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Bank Balances Not Matching

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Cheryl Diehl Posted: Wed, Mar 16 2011 12:07 PM

General Bank Journal for February has a closing balance of one amount, General Bank Journal for March has a beginning balance of a different amount.  If I run a General Bank Journal from February 1st thru March 15, the ending balance is different than if I run a report from March 1st thru March 15.

Cheryl Diehl Kropf, Wagner, Lutz, & VanSickle PCLawPro V8.20c Acct Method: Cash
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You need to check the Bank Reconciliation for that General Bank  for the month of Feb. Does the Bank balance on the Bank rec report agree agree with the ending balance for Feb per the Bank Journal report? I suspect it won't. If so, check the Bank Rec report closely with the Bank journal report - it is likely an entry is picked up in the Bank Rec feature but not in the Bank journal report. You would need to indentify that entry and see if that matches with the difference. Then call Tech Support to fix the issue.

I had an identical problem and above is what I did after our auditors did spot the difference between the ending bank balance per Bnk Rec report and the Bank Journal. If you keep manual vouchers (if it is a check entry) you are going to have to remember where the check was posted/allocated or if you ahve regular backups, install each backup backwards (with the most recent one first and moving back) on a standalone (without affecting your live set) and see if you can stop at a clean backup which has that entry. Keep the Bank Recs handy as you may have to undo the Recs and redo them again after the fix later.



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Thanks for your input.  Actually, I did a "Verify Data Integrity" on the General Bank Accounts and Entries only and it fixed the problem.  Yeah!

Cheryl Diehl Kropf, Wagner, Lutz, & VanSickle PCLawPro V8.20c Acct Method: Cash
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