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  • Prop file with duplicate entries on every field

    I have found several new client who have had TM since 7 and forward who's prop files are have tons of duplicate records. I have called support but they are not clear on, A. Why it happened or B. Best practice to eliminate them. Any ideas?
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Rick Hahn on Wed, May 4 2011
  • Re: No Attachments in TM

    Dear Mark; Check the user's MAPI settings in Time Matters and make sure you are using default profile and extended MAPI. If the settings are correct it is probably an Outlook security issue, check the security settings in Outlook. Check for a popup that says that “Another program is trying to access your Outlook”; if this pops up tell it to allow
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Rick Hahn on Mon, Apr 30 2007
  • Re: Using Outlook & e-mail attachments

    Dear Steve; If you are still using TM7 then you have not availed yourself of the improvements you have heard about. There has been tremendous changes made to the features you are talking about in version 8. When you save an email in version 8 you get a nice pop up that asks you what you would like to do with the attachments; save them with the email
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Rick Hahn on Mon, Apr 16 2007
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