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  • Re: Inconsistent TM9 Messenger Performance

    When we up-graded to TM9 we had similar problems; and I could not figure out why two presumably identical user workstations were reacting so differently. So I launched the windows application in safe mode and opened the TM messanger, and it worked fine. I then added applications one by one until I discovered the problem. In our system, one of the users
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Toronto Lawyer on Thu, Aug 28 2008
  • Manipulating the Resource type

    We use Hot Docs 8. When coding a variable, I have noticed that you can choose the resource type. Typically, most variables will be plain text, but the other choices are HTML Help, Windows Help, Folio Infobase, Custom Program, or URL. When coding a postal code, I have changed the resource to URL and connected the field to a web based postal code locator
    Posted to HotDocs (Forum) by Toronto Lawyer on Mon, Aug 11 2008
  • Web Link to Field

    We are running TM9 Enterprise edition. I have noticed that you can customize a field to allow for connection to a web site. My goal is to alter the postal code field to allow users to connect to a web based "Postal Code locator". However everytime i alter the field and change it to a web based connection and attempt to connect to the web;
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Toronto Lawyer on Mon, Aug 11 2008
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