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  • Billing for a major client

    We have a new client for whom we are billing a flat rate per month for all of their matters (there will eventually be a couple hundred matters). The lawyers want two separate clients for two different types of matters, all to be billed under the one monthly retainer fee. Is there any way to do this, other than to charge a flat rate of $0.00 for one
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Lisa Elliot on Mon, Mar 12 2012
  • Re: Refunding Paid Fees

    I have the same situation here. I have been asked to do a refund of both fees and disbursements (and corresponding taxes) on a matter that has been paid. I don't understand no. 3 in the list "prepare a credit note." How do I do this? Running v. 10.0 SP5 HF3
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Lisa Elliot on Wed, Jan 25 2012
  • Mass billing

    PC Law v. 10, SP5, HF3 While I am doing my monthly mass run of prebills, I am trying to work in other programs at the same time (usually Word or Outlook). Whenever the program flips to another client worksheet, the computer goes back to the PC Law screen. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Lisa Elliot on Wed, Jul 6 2011
  • Select clients list

    When I'm choosing several clients to bill, I go to create bill, then the matter tab, then "selected clients." The list that pops up shows all my closed files along with active ones. Is there a way to get it to show only the open clients? PC Law v. 10.0 SP5, HF3
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Lisa Elliot on Wed, Jun 15 2011
  • duplicate copies of invoices

    My system recently started doing something strange. Whenever I print (or recreate) a bill, it prints two copies: one with the correct template and one with a different template. It only does it for clients/matters I have opened recently (probably within the last month). I am on v. 10.03a. I haven't changed anything and can't find anything in
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Lisa Elliot on Mon, Mar 7 2011
  • Unapplied/Unallocated Payments

    I have a couple of clients that for some reason have ended up with amounts that show up on accounts receivable reports as outstanding balances, but the client ledger shows the correct balance of zero. Two of them date back to when I began inputting opening balances when we began the system in 2008. I did it incorrectly for the first two clients, then
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Lisa Elliot on Wed, Oct 27 2010
  • Different GST/HST rates

    Due to the CCRA rules, and the fact that we have offices in two different provinces, I now have to charge several different rates of GST/HST to many clients. Is there a token in the Template Editor that shows the percentage being charged? I can't find one. It would really help if clients could see the percentage they are being charged. I'm using
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Lisa Elliot on Tue, Oct 19 2010
  • Billing a matter previously covered by flat fee

    We have a client with multiple matters for whom we have been charging a flat rate of $8,000 per month. One of the matters has become a huge file, which has resulted in a lot of negative fee entries in the ledger. Now, it has been decided we will send a bill to the client for the one large matter, right back to the beginning of the file (April 2009)
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Lisa Elliot on Tue, Feb 23 2010
  • Uncleared Payables

    I have several payables from a year ago that pop up when I do Open Payables or Process Payables for that vendor. They have been processed long ago and the payable amounts are all listed as zero. I've tried doing a dummy cheque, but they still appear. I've tried processing them with the rest of the payables for that client, and although they
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Lisa Elliot on Thu, Feb 11 2010
  • Billing template question

    On my billing templates, in the Fees and the Disbursements sections, I have the token "Matter number" and "description," so the matter information shows up as a heading before the fees and disbursements for each matter. On bills that print out with multiple matters, this works fine. However, when I print a bill for a client that
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Lisa Elliot on Fri, Oct 9 2009
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