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  • Time Matters - Training Guide and Workbooks (v8 or v9)

    Introduction to Time Matters - Training Guide and Workbook Fast, Comprehensive and Complete, a 125 page 10 chapter, step-by-step training manual available for Time Matters v8, v9 (and v10, when it is announced). Over 2000 law firms has purchased prior versions of this proven Training Guide. References Time Matters Training Database. Available in print
    Posted to Training Guides & Manuals (Forum) by Tom Caffrey on Thu, Jul 30 2009
  • Re: Adobe update and integration with TM 8.0

    Close Adobe then use workstation level set-up. Alt+Shft+W or File/Set-up/General/Workstation Level/Additional Programs
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Tom Caffrey on Tue, Jul 28 2009
  • Re: service release update for TM5

    I believe you can. That I am a bit uncertain however, underscores the fact that you are relying on a fairly old version that does is not a currently supported version. I'd highly recommend you look into the Annual Maintenance Program AMP and get current.
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Tom Caffrey on Fri, Jul 3 2009
  • Re: Dragon NaturallySpeaking w/ TimeMatters

    >where the voice to text did not separate words with spaces in the description field... >I'll report back if I resolve these issues. The solution is to turn off autotext codes. This seems to have been the cause of the 'nospacebetweenwords' issue. Deactivating autotext seems to have resolved it.
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Tom Caffrey on Wed, Apr 29 2009
  • Re: Dragon NaturallySpeaking w/ TimeMatters

    Dave: I just recently was 'gifted' Dragon v10 Legal with Time Matters 9 Enterprise. So after you called me, I tested this version in general voice to text use and also with some voice commands for Time Matters that I developed a number of years ago. In my view there are two primary applications of Dragon 1.) Voice to text and 2.) Voice to Macro
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Tom Caffrey on Thu, Feb 5 2009
  • Re: where and how to organize research

    I would scan it to a searchable pdf format. That way you could search the full text. You might also use one or more user defined fields to further classify it objectively and subjectively. One field might be used for author, another for keywords or topics. For example, the document might relate to the concept of 'wrongful death' but those words
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Tom Caffrey on Sat, Sep 6 2008
  • Re: Checklist - Improving Speed and Reliability When Using Time Matters

    A firm using TMv9 Enterprise resolved a situation where there were many lockups/timeouts per day on multiple user PC's by changing the server to a static ip address instead of optaining an IP with DHCP. This is easy to check and may provide a simple solution to a frustrating problem.
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Tom Caffrey on Fri, Mar 21 2008
  • Re: Runtime error in tm messaging when sending events

    It sounds like the TM Message file has a corrupt entry. What version and edition are you on? How many entries in the Messenger file? Do you need them or can they be deleted?
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Tom Caffrey on Wed, Oct 24 2007
  • Re: Form Styles Disappeared with upgrade to TM9

    We had a problem with form styles, not the same but something very similar, for a client in Maine converting fron v8. Some forms styles came thru and many did not. The property file was selected properly. Interestingly if we turned on the Wizard for adding Contact or Matter records it would work fine. It was ultimately solved by installing a new version
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Tom Caffrey on Wed, Oct 24 2007
  • Re: server advice

    1. In general, yes, a new server properly configured should improve your stability. Windows XP acting as a server in a peer-to-peer environment is simply not as strong as MS Server software. Your new server is necessary but not necessarily sufficient for good performance. Other components and various configuration settings can have an impact. For example
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Tom Caffrey on Wed, Oct 10 2007
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