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  • Re: Version 11 ini file

    I am not sure if this will address Cameron’s issue, but recently this is how I accessed the ini file fixed a problem associated with it. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\LexisNexis\Time Matters 11 Certainly not easy to locate. Hope this helps! Lisa Zurcher Systematized Office Solutions, LLC Certified Practice Management
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Lisa Zurcher on Wed, Aug 1 2012
  • Re: Electronic Billing for Legal Solutions Suite

    Jan, when assisting clients with their ebilling templates, I always recommend for them to obtain the format required by the billing company. Typically the ebilling companies have a contact/department for you to correspond with. This will provide your starting point. And yes Billing Matters will be able to create this electronic billing output file.
    Posted to Billing Matters (Forum) by Lisa Zurcher on Mon, May 3 2010
  • Re: UTMBS - TM not separating time/expense codes in final file

    Jeff, I have clients using ebilling in various versions of BM, including BM7e. Their setup involves the Bill Code and Phases to bring in the A Codes and the L codes. The Ledes98 electronic billing template needs to be assigned on the Billing Prefs Template. As timekeepers enter time they use a Bill Code and a Phase for each time entry. When they enter
    Posted to Billing Matters (Forum) by Lisa Zurcher on Tue, Dec 22 2009
  • Re: Quick snapshot of client payments

    Standard Reports > Transactions. Filter Tab choose Payments in Types and then the Matter or Client. Once the report generates you will have the standard options to save to pdf, rtf, etc. Hope this answers your question.
    Posted to Billing Matters (Forum) by Lisa Zurcher on Thu, Oct 15 2009
  • Re: TM PDA synch - ghost matter records

    Barry, a simple option to try would be to Clear Palm on Next Sync only in the Palm sync set-up. This should clear the records in the Matter List on your pda and repopulate the Matter List. File>Sychronize>Palm and click next until you reach the Clear Palm Data Records screen. Change the setting for Matter record type to Clear Palm on Next Sync
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Lisa Zurcher on Mon, Jul 20 2009
  • Re: Formattable Clipboard/Insertion of additional characters

    Roland, I see extra characters in my email feed from the Forum. But as Craig points out, they are not visible if you view your post in the Forum. That leads me to think that the FC was copy/pasted from a source where the extra coding is not visible. I have experienced something similar when I copy/paste from a web page to records in my TM db. In my
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Lisa Zurcher on Tue, May 26 2009
  • Re: Archiving event records when part of a chain

    Hi Janice, It sounds as though you are using TM9. This is a change that was made with version 9. You will need to Unchain the Chain before you can Archive the Records. To find the chain go to Calendar > Schedule Chains and use the Search to find your Chain. Once found, highlight the Chain you want to Unchain and click on the Delete (red X). You will
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Lisa Zurcher on Fri, May 15 2009
  • Re: Forms from user defined lists - Description field set as lookup

    Wilson, I have the same result. This is Area 1 of the UDR Form. Customizing any of the Form Types in Area 1 is limited. The other Areas of the UDR work as expected when customizing a field to look-up to the Contact List.
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Lisa Zurcher on Fri, May 1 2009
  • Re: Outlines Tab doesnt show records

    Hi Obabiyi, you will want to check the Properties from your Outline Tab. The Properties can be set to view by Contact, Matter, or Both. Open any Matter, click on Outline Tab, click on the Properties Button on the Outline Toolbar (middle of the screen, far right), then click on List. You will be able to view the settings and make any appropriate changes
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Lisa Zurcher on Thu, Apr 16 2009
  • Re: How do you use the Save & Copy Matter Record feature?

    The reason you are receiving this prompt is because of the Program Level Matter Form Settings. It sounds as though your TM Rules are configured so that the File number must be unique. You can view/change these settings File > Setup > Program Level. Click on Forms and Select type of Matter and click on Options. The feature is copying everything
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Lisa Zurcher on Tue, Apr 7 2009
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