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  • Re: Multiple remote TM installations w/o common server?

    Joseph - We have a Virtual Desktop cloud solution to host your Time Matters and your documents, provide you with hosted exchange, Microsoft Office, backup and remote access from anywhere. No need for hardware purchases and remote access solutions for each user. Great disaster recovery plan as well. We configure exchange sync to keep your TM calendar
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Pat Cunningham on Thu, Aug 16 2012
  • Re: Convert to SQL?

    You will need a licence key for SQL version. Contact PCLaw to get a new product license key for SQL.
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Pat Cunningham on Mon, Jul 23 2012
  • Re: Worldox GX3

    Was that LexisNexis tech support for Time Matters, or tech support at Worldox?
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Pat Cunningham on Wed, Jun 20 2012
  • Re: Time Matters Outlook connection not working

    Linda - We have found that when this occurs, the easiest way to resolve is to reinitialize the workstation settings. Close all programs on the computer except Time Matters. Go to Setup/General/Workstation Settings. Go to Additional Program Setup. Uncheck the integration with Outlook (we usually uncheck everything). Then say okan and close out entirely
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Pat Cunningham on Sat, May 26 2012
  • Re: Writing Off Billed Disbursements

    Joe - the 5210 account is really a clearing account. Yes all your disbursements that are hard costs get coded to their, but in the background PCLaw moves it from that clearing account to the Client Disbursement account. It you are on modified cash basis, then that account is usually 1210 which is an Asset Account on your balance sheet. When you write
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Pat Cunningham on Fri, Jun 4 2010
  • Re: Lawyer category token - template editor.

    As you may have noticed, you only have certain fields available in the various sections in a template. I have used the timekeeper category in a timekeeper summary section. Add a section to your template, choose "summary" as the type. Then you will see the Category token available. That token is not available in the fee detail section - only
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Pat Cunningham on Tue, May 25 2010
  • Re: Matter Opening Balances

    You are correct that you cannot now go and enter starting balances. Just generate an invoice for the amount due. You may have to enter expense recovery items. If you want the aging of the invoices to be correct, they need to be dated the same as the original invoice, which would mean you would have to reopen the months needed. If you want to allocate
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Pat Cunningham on Fri, May 14 2010
  • Re: Write Off Time on Matters

    We tell our clients to never use that write down feature in PCLaw because it leaves the items as "unbilled" and they still show on WIP reports, etc. Instead, what we train, is to generate a bill on the matter where you have the time, change the amount billed to zero, which produces an invoice for zero properly allocated to the working attorneys
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Pat Cunningham on Fri, May 14 2010
  • Re: Trust Account - 1099 Forms

    In system settings - DATA tab - you can select "show vendors in paid to pop up help". Once this is activated, you can choose a vendor while in the Paid To field on the check by double clicking. When you do this on a general check, it will then open a box for invoice number, etc. and adds that check to the vendor file. In Trust checks you don't
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Pat Cunningham on Fri, May 14 2010
  • Re: Recommended AntiVirus solution that plays nicely with TimeMatteers?

    We have always promoted and used Trend Micro Worry Free Business products, but recently have switched to a new kid on the block and are very pleased. Take a look at SunBelt's Vipre Enterprise product.
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Pat Cunningham on Wed, May 12 2010
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