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  • accounting for firm money in trust

    I use TM/BM+ v.7.0. My question involves a good bookkeeping method for writing firm checks to deposit into general trust account to cover bank charges. My office accepts credit cards and as a result is charged a discount fee by the credit card company for each transaction. This money is debited from my trust account because by Bar rules, the money from
    Posted to Billing Matters (Forum) by jkdeaton on Wed, Feb 27 2008
  • Re: Clear G/L accounts

    When trying to post to the G/L, I get an error message that states that posting cannot continue b/c of errors with the posting process or another user is posting. No other users are logged in. When I go to Accounting/General Journal to see a list of General Journal entries, upon clicing to open any entry shown, there is a message that posting to the
    Posted to Billing Matters Plus (Forum) by jkdeaton on Sat, Oct 27 2007
  • Clear G/L accounts

    I use TM/BM+ v.7 SR2A. Is there a way to clear all G/L accounts and re-post with the GL Distribution Report? Any help is greatly appreciated. John K. Deaton; 323 N. Main St.; Troy, NC 27371 (910) 576-3999; Fax: (910) 576-8181
    Posted to Billing Matters Plus (Forum) by jkdeaton on Thu, Oct 25 2007
  • A/R Distribution Error - "Out of Balance"

    Upon running the GL (AR) Distribution Report to post to G/L, I receive several errors stating, "Transaction Out of Balance." Each error is in regard to an Apply Funds to AR transaction. Upon opening the affected matters, it appears to have happened in those situations where funds were automatically applied to AR. Upon further review of the
    Posted to Billing Matters Plus (Forum) by jkdeaton on Thu, Oct 18 2007
  • Performance issues

    I currently use TM/BM+ v.7 with two users. The Host database is installed on a desktop CPU in the office. I use a laptop which I use to connect to the Host database while in the office, and use of the Remote database when disconnected from the office CPU. Both the Desktop and Laptop run Windows XP and are connected via a peer-to-peer network. I have
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by jkdeaton on Fri, Jul 13 2007
  • Re: runtime error

    To update my previous post, regarding the runtime error, if I log onto TM using the TM userID and password, open the program, then select re-login under the filename, I can then login under my assistant's userID which seemed to be corrupted and the program seems to operate fine under her userID and password; however, trying to log in upon initially
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by jkdeaton on Tue, Jun 5 2007
  • Re: runtime error

    How will that affect records tied to the original userID? Any precautions or steps to take prior to deleting and recreating? John K. Deaton; Law Office of John K. Deaton; 323 N. Main Street; Troy, NC 27371 910-576-3999; Fax: 910-576-8181;
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by jkdeaton on Fri, Jun 1 2007
  • runtime error

    My office uses TM v.7.0 Professional along with BM+v.7.0. My assistant received the following error message after logging into TimeMatters, then the program shut down: Runtime Error(on title bar of error window) "Unable to open MDI window (No APPLICATION Active) Do you want to GPF?" This only affects her user ID. When I log in under my user
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by jkdeaton on Thu, May 31 2007
  • strange sync

    I use TM v7 pro. I have a laptop that I have installed the host and remote. I use the host database while I am in the office, sync and use the remote while at home. I performed a sync between the two databases yesterday. All changes were to the remote database with none to the host. As always, I packed my laptop home but did not even turn the laptop
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by jkdeaton on Wed, May 9 2007
  • Back Date Checks

    I recently switched to BM+v.7 for my accounting from another accounting program. Although I did not start using BM+ until after the start of my accounting year, I want to recreate historical records from my other accounting program to BM+ beginning January 1. Specifically, there are matters for which I am automatically applying Funds balance to A/R
    Posted to Billing Matters Plus (Forum) by jkdeaton on Fri, Mar 30 2007
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