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  • Re: Changing Billing Party Indiscriminately on a Matter

    Hassan, In addition to Steve's suggestion, another option is to consider whether this will be an "ongoing" issue and if the parties will want to see independent history of fees, disb & trust. In this situation, I have clients who create a new matter using .1 or .B at the end of the regular matter number. This will keep the contact
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Nancy Bembridge on Mon, Jan 24 2011
  • Re: Non-Client related Time Recording

    Hassan, I totally agree with you! I recommend my clients use the Task-based codes for non-billable activities. This options provides them the ability to produce reports by timekeeper and type of tasks. Tasks can be very broad or very specific. It keeps the WIP report cleaner at year end too! What I have experienced with users who have chosen to enter
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Nancy Bembridge on Mon, Jan 24 2011
  • Re: Receipts are ignored

    Joan, If you "recreate" one of your Dec 31/07 invoices ... (depending upon your billing template) see if your "receipts" did appear on those invoices you produced in Jan'08. There is more than one date that has to be changed to Dec 31/07 when back dating invoices. I've had clients change the "A/R date" to be Dec
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Nancy Bembridge on Sat, Feb 9 2008
  • Re: Client Manager in PC Law v8.2

    Have you tried going to the File Menu Bar and under "File" see if "Client Manager" is listed? If it is not there, then it could be a security setting that is preventing you from accessing this function.
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Nancy Bembridge on Fri, Jan 25 2008
  • Re: Sysiocod Error with Vista Business & PCLaw v.9.02b

    Small network of 3 PCs... 2 operating on XP Pro; new laptop on Vista Business. The laptop produces the Sysiocod Error on a Statdata file called GBAcctI. PCLaw continues to work fine on the XP Pro, however after I log in to PCLaw on the Visa Laptop it produces this error message. With tech support we tried re-naming the .idx file to "force"
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Nancy Bembridge on Tue, Jan 15 2008
  • Re: Private Posts - how do they work?

    I posted a question to one individual & now am wondering how I get back to look for a reply... or do I just await one? Today I sent a private post to myself to try & figure this out, but can't find where it went after clicking post! What am I missing? Nancy
    Posted to How to Use the Forums (Forum) by Nancy Bembridge on Fri, Jan 4 2008
  • Re: Genr'l bank acct balance does not match register or TB

    Tip # 1: aje should not be done to the bank, so that would add to your discrepancy. Any adjustments to the bank should be made using the cheque or receipt features. Which balance (register or T/B) matches the bank reconciliation report? The Quick-Look bank balance has two options - as of "today" or "include post dated" that might
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Nancy Bembridge on Sat, Sep 15 2007
  • Re: A/R Balances

    Janeth's solution is right on ... and if that doesn't work, then you will have to call Tech support to have them help you fix it "behind the scenes". To help speed things up with Tech Support - Before you call them, ensure you have saved to Editor the following reports for the problematic matter: Billing Fees Journal, Client Ledger
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Nancy Bembridge on Sat, Sep 15 2007
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