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  • Exchange 11.1 Sync Service and RAM Usage

    SQL Server 2005, Server 2003 R2 Standard, 4GB RAM. When the service is started, the RAM use is 30MB +/-. After a few hours, 100MB, after a day 200MB+, after a week, 1.2GB and TM and the sync stop functioning until it is stopped and restarted. Has anyone else experienced this?
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Kent Umpenhour on Thu, Apr 26 2012
  • Unable to print to PDF

    New PC Law client, XP or Windows 7 machines, selecting print to PDF or Send as PDF within PC Law results in a "Not Found" with a reference to a pdf file in the users TEMP directory. Users are not restricted to that folder and are in the Local Administrators group. Have removed all Amunyi drivers prior to V 4.0 and still happens. Any suggestions
    Posted to PCLaw (Forum) by Kent Umpenhour on Thu, Jul 7 2011
  • Re: Documents display across matters

    You need to login as each user and open a matter, click the related tab and each other tab of related items and change the view to Matter not BOTH (Matter and Client) You are seeing all the related records for the client too which is all of their matters. BOTH is the default setting.
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Kent Umpenhour on Wed, Nov 11 2009
  • Re: Using BlackBerry with TM

    Micah, This is a main reason I steer people away from doing the TM to BB sync. Instead I recommend a sync from TM to Outlook then Outlook to BB. It's a few extra steps, but worth it in the long run. You can't change the BB TM Contacts to act as an address book.
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Kent Umpenhour on Tue, May 6 2008
  • Re: Potential software conflict with Olympus DSS Player Pro

    What is the mapped drive to the TM database? Is the DSS device taking that same drive when it connects?
    Posted to Time Matters (Forum) by Kent Umpenhour on Wed, Mar 5 2008
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