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PR Tips for Enterprising Lawyers

Aug 22, 2012 01:50 PM by
Larry Bodine
Larry Bodine
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I ran my own successful consulting practice for 11 years, and what I learned about getting publicity applies directly to lawyers. Here's how I made sure everybody was familiar with me:  

  1. ALWAYS dropped everything to talk when a reporter called. I made sure I got his/her name, followed up and would send an occasional story idea afterwards. If the reporter worked nearby, I'd make sure to buy him/her a cup of coffee.
  2. Wrote a daily blog since 2004 (still do — the LawMarketing Blog at blog.larrybodine.com). It gets 500–700 unique visitors per day. Everywhere I go, people mention that they've read the blog.
  3. Became active in the trade association of my clients, and sought out speaking, writing and presentation opportunities.
  4. Presented Web seminars every other month on my topic of expertise. I kept track of the attendees and added them to my mailing list.
  5. Built up an email list of 2,000 names, which I used to promote webinars, appearances, and white papers.
  6. Recorded my webinars and speeches, had them transcribed and resold them as white papers. I still sell them at www.lawmarketingstore.com.
  7. Have a Twitter handle with 4,500 followers, and also update regularly on Facebook, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. My updates are about industry news, not about myself. The idea is to position oneself as an expert.
  8. Joined the editorial boards of industry publications, got myself listed on the masthead, and regularly wrote articles for them. Whenever an editor had an emergency (an article dropping out at the last minute) I always was their rescuer — I would write something for them within 24 hours.
  9. Started a listserv for my clients, friends and colleagues. Anybody could join, including competitors, because it was designed to be the center of discussion. Just recently I switched my listserv over to Yahoo! Groups.
  10. Started a YouTube channel, after setting up my own home video studio.  I embedded the videos into my blog, tweeted about new videos, etc.

Of course you don't need to do all 10 things — just pick one or two and do them regularly. You can't go wrong with doing #1 all the time.

But if you need help creating an engaging blog, establishing a social media presence, or just learning more about the latest in law firm marketing, contact us to speak with a Law Firm Marketing Specialist and get started. And don't forget: The more you nurture your persona, the better it will be for your firm in the long run.




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