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Marketing by Making Introductions

Sep 19, 2012 03:43 PM by
Larry Bodine
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The sharing culture that exists online creates marketing opportunities to introduce people to each other, according to lawyer, legal industry analyst and author Ari Kaplan. "If you met me, and I knew that you were an environmental specialist and dealt with a lot of real estate developers, and I knew that another guy had a tremendously successful real estate practice with a lot of real estate developers, I could say, 'You guys should connect.'"

Lawyers from across New Jersey and New York came to a recent LexisNexis LEXPO networking and marketing event to hear Ari Kaplan explain how to generate new business with social media — particularly LinkedIn. Ari is the author of the new book Reinventing Professional Services:  Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace.

"When you meet somebody, what do you do afterwards?" Kaplan asked. "You'll email me and say, 'It was great to meet you.' Maybe you'll be bold enough to say, 'Do you want to have lunch?'" But if you make an introduction of one person to another, he explains, "You have now created this triangle. Suddenly there are all of these conversations going just because of your mere introduction."

The next time you think about how to follow up with someone, think about two people you can connect, Ari says. View this video to learn more about creating a "conversation triangle” to advance your law firm opportunities:

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    YouTube is a potent marketing tool for attorneys. For example, when Ari Kaplan goes to conferences, he records short interviews of prospective clients he meets. Ari uses the video recording function on his iPhone, and uploads the videos online. "Self

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