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How Facebook Fan Pages Capture New Business [video]

Feb 04, 2013 10:40 AM by
Larry Bodine
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Facebook today has more than 900 million active users — including almost half of the population in the United States. "Facebook is no longer just for kids," says marketer Stephen Fairley. "Your fan page is specifically designed to market your law firm."

Facebook likeIn the webinar excerpt "Facebook Fan Page Best Practices for Law Firms" (see below) I join Stephen Fairley, CEO of The Rainmaker Institute, to describe practical steps lawyers can take to generate new business with social media.

Stephen estimates that 95 percent of law firms already have a website and are fishing online trying to get clients. But fewer than 10 percent of law firms are actively using Facebook to market their law firm and therein lies a huge opportunity.

Facebook fan pages should be updated regularly. Use them to:

  • Promote your law firm
  • Post blog content
  • Make connections
  • Build your mailing list

"You actually have to grow it, build it and nurture it. You need to focus on conversations and not just the number of connections you have," he advises.

"Facebook Fan Page Best Practices for Law Firms" is an excerpt from the LexisNexis webinar "Join the Conversation: Social Media Strategies for Your Law Firm." View additional LexisNexis webinars for the latest insights and best practices in online marketing for law firms.

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