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New Year’s Resolution #5: Get More “Social” in 2013

Jan 08, 2013 03:53 PM by
Jay Butchko
Jay Butchko
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Why is 2013 the year your firm needs to seriously consider social media for its law firm marketing?

According to the American Bar Association, nearly one out of two small law firms surveyed (of nine attorneys or fewer) that are blogging reported retaining clients directly or via referral as a result of their legal-topic blogging.

If you are not among the growing number of small law firms generating new clients from blogging, you need to get serious about a social media marketing strategy. Blog on topics related to the area of law you practice. Attract more potential clients and referrals to fresh, relevant content on your law firm's blog that shares content to social media profiles on Facebook®, LinkedIn®, Twitter® and Google+TM.

Where Do You Start?

Social Media ChecklistHere is a brief summary of some of the major channels you should include in your law firm's social media strategy, and the roles each component plays.

  • Law firm blog: Position yourself as an expert; generate calls from the news media; respond to comments
  • LinkedIn: Make contact with business clients and potential clients; meet referral sources; market yourself with recommendations
  • Facebook: Be found where social media users spend the most time; collect fans and converse directly with your target audience
  • Twitter: Position yourself as an information source; share your own content; attract followers

Like any other element of your business, having a complete blogging and social media marketing strategy will help you maximize your time and effort, and produce a higher quantity and quality of leads for your firm. See the checklist above for the components of a complete blogging and social media marketing program.

Social Media Images and Branding

More Online Marketing Tips for Small Law Firms

In the coming weeks, follow me and Amy Kaplan, Director of Product Management for Advertising & Profile Services at LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell®, as we provide online marketing strategies and tactics that can help generate results for your law firm in the New Year. If you'd like to jump ahead, feel free to download our recent paper. Or if you prefer, download the free recording of the companion webinar Amy and I recently co-hosted.

Next Up: Resolution #6: Seek Reviews, Recommendations and Ratings

When you're ready, schedule your free online marketing consultation or email me at jay.butchko@lexisnexis.com.


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