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Your website is more important than your office's lobby

Aug 26, 2011 12:05 AM by
Robert Hodge
Robert Hodge
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When walking into law offices locally in San Diego, I always take time to observe how each lobby is decorated.  The majority of the time, attorneys have used their lobby as a way to establish credibility for prospective client of their legal ability.  Newspaper articles and magazines featuring past verdicts, settlements and results are framed on the wall.  Local awards and service are prominently displayed.  Martindale-Hubbell peer review plaques are strategically positioned in the lobby way, showcasing the attorney’s recognition by their peers for high ethical standards and legal ability.  In comparison, I find this attention to detail is not properly displayed on attorney websites.  The majority of attorney websites today are vacant of their success stories and peer recognition.  More people are going to visit your website every month rather than step into the lobby of your law office.  You are missing out on a huge competitive advantage if you are not properly telling your story through your website.  Your website should be designed like your lobby, establishing immediate credibility of your legal background.  If you find your law office lobby tells a better story to prospective clients than your website, we need to meet.  Please give me a call at (858) 401 – 9517 or send me an email at robert.hodge@lexisnexis.com.  Your website is the foundation for all of your Internet branding and it should be properly telling your story. 

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