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Posting Blogs on Lawyers.com

Jan 28, 2013 11:36 AM by
Robert Hodge
Robert Hodge
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I would recommend writing your blog posting ahead of time in a word document or another program which allows you to do spelling and grammar checks.  You will be able to copy & paste your content into the blog authoring tool.

Getting Started

Log into your Client Service Center (CSC) http://csc.martindale.com  (note: there is no www)

·         Your username is the email address associated with the biographical profile.

·         If you don’t remember your password, select “Forgot your password?” link on this page.

·         You will receive an email from cschelp@martindale.com with a temporary password.

Sign into CSC account using username and password. 


Step 1: Ensure your blog account is activated.

·         Select “lawyer biographies” icon in the center of the page. 

·         Click on the attorney’s first name of the account you want to use as the blog author.

·         On the far right side of the profile, there is a square called “blog access”.  Select the link in the box called “activate blog profile”.  A pop up window will appear confirming the email address.  Activate the blog.

·         After you have activated your blog profile, select “home” in the upper left corner.   


Step 2: Post a blog on Lawyers.com

Select “blogs” icon in the center of the page.

Ø  Identify the blog author you want to use and select the “edit” hyperlink to the right of their name under the details column.

Ø  At the top of next page select “create a new blog post”. 

Ø  Fill in the box of the blog’s title.  (note: this is going to get picked up by the search engines, so label it as a keyword phrase you want to target within the search engine rankings, i.e. “San Diego Divorce attorney” or “San Diego personal injury lawyer”).

Ø  The default status is “publish” meaning once you save this blog, it will be immediately posted on Lawyers.com.

Ø  From the practice area drop down, pick the practice area most relevant to this blog posting.

Ø  Copy the content you have already written and click into the blank canvas space.  Right click on your mouse and select “paste”.  This should automatically populate the canvas.  If a message appears asking about access, select “allow access”. 

Ø  If you haven’t written the content ahead of time in a program such as word document, you can type your blog entry directly into the canvas.

Ø  At the bottom of the page, select “save”. 

Ø  The page will refresh and your blog has been posted.  If you scroll all the way to the top of the page, it will now say your blog has been posted to Lawyers.com.

Step 3: Adding hyperlinks back to your website from the blog posting

Ø  Highlight the word(s) from your blog you would like to create a link for back to your website.  (When the word(s) is highlighted, a navy blue box will appear around the text.)

Ø  In the gray box directly above your blog content, select the icon .

Ø  A pop up will appear asking for a URL.  Enter your website address into this box and select ok.

Ø  The word(s) you had highlighted has now turned into a blue hyperlink within your blog.

Ø  Once you have added all your hyperlinks within your blog, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Save”.      

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