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Social Media Visibility Drives SEO

Jul 10, 2012 01:15 PM by
Rocco Impreveduto
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The digital marketplace continues to evolve at an extraordinarily rapid pace and Lawyers.com thrives because we remain at, or ahead of the market. Whether we're finding innovative ways to leverage "old" digital channels like paid search or building an industry-leading presence in emerging platforms like social media, Lawyers.com remains at the forefront of digital marketing in the legal industry. 

While we value our position as an industry leader, we know it's not enough to rest on our laurels. We're constantly seeking advancement, testing cutting-edge marketing tactics, and analyzing the latest trends to decide on which path we should next blaze a trail.

As such, the relationship between social media and search engine optimization (SEO) has been an issue that's garnered our attention lately. We already know that high organic rankings on the major search engines are crucial, but how can social media help us drive even greater visibility in natural search?

Searchmetrics, a global expert in search analytics, recently conducted an analysis of 10,000 selected top keywords; 300,000 websites; and millions of links, shares and tweets. Their analysis (go to http://blog.searchmetrics.com/us/2012/06/07/us-and-uk-seo-ranking-factors-2012/) compared potential ranking factors and website characteristics with corresponding Google rankings in both the U.K. and the U.S. by assessing their statistical correlation.

The study confirmed that a strong social media presence shows an extremely high correlation with SEO performance. The aggregated data illustrated that social signals from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are frequently associated with good rankings in Google's index. More specifically, Facebook "shares" appeared to have the strongest association — while Twitter engagement was also a leading metric in their analysis. And, as we all know, Google+ will only continue to impact site ranking for consumers who conduct searches while signed into Google.

It's important that we remain at the forefront of understanding trends such as this because 82 percent of consumers search online before meeting with an attorney.1  As the media landscape continues to move at a breakneck pace, we'll stay on top of it, forecast what's going to happen, and act, because we need to be there — helping consumers, guiding them through their legal need until they find resolution.  It's a responsibility we take very seriously.

SEO and social (some people are already talking about SMO — Social Media Optimization) remain critical channels, and their relationship will only become more meaningful in the coming months and years — and we'll be there, helping consumers who have a legal need and leading our industry in the next great digital evolution.

For more information about digital marketing on Lawyers.com visit http://www.lexisnexis.com/community/portal/lfmc/resourcepage.aspx?PostId=203252.

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