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Lawyers.com Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine Offers Comment on Recent Supreme Court Decisions

Jul 10, 2013 11:20 AM by
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Over the last week, the American public has been captivated by several major rulings coming out of the U.S. Supreme Court. Lawyers.com — led by Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine — leveraged the interest of the general public as an opportunity to appear on news and talk-radio shows to discuss recent Supreme Court decisions and promote Lawyers.com.

An attorney, noted legal expert and long-time legal journalist, Bodine was invited as a guest on Chicago's AM 560 WIND, joining the Big John & Amy Show to explain the Supreme Court's decision to invalidate parts of the Voting Rights Act. Bodine held a spirited discussion with hosts John Howell and Amy Jacobson about the Supreme Court's ruling, as well as the challenges that citizens in some states face when attempting to vote.

"[Striking down the Voting Rights Act] allows a statute to stay in effect the entire time it may be defective," Bodine explained. "It allows [elected officials] to develop an entrenched incumbency, [while making] it a lot harder to undo something that's been in effect for three or four years.... The preclearance procedure effectively said, 'We're going to check it out, if it doesn't pass the sniff test, then it's not allowed to go into effect,' and that happened more than 700 times over a 24-year period."

Bodine appeared on the Big John & Amy Show shortly before the Supreme Court issued its opinions on the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8, and correctly predicted that the Prop 8 ruling would hinge on whether the law's advocates had standing to defend the law.

Appearing on Denver's AM 850 KOA, host April Zesbaugh interviewed Bodine in the wake of the Supreme Court's marriage equality opinions.

Bodine gave listeners a clear explanation of the Proposition 8 and DOMA rulings, then discussed with Zesbaugh how the rulings would affect listeners in Colorado, where civil unions are recognized but same-sex marriage is not yet legalized. He went on to predict that states where same-sex marriage is not yet legalized will experience an uptick in court cases challenging the constitutionality of marriage laws.

KGO 810 AM in San Francisco also tapped Bodine for his analysis on the Supreme Court same-sex marriage and decisions. During the half-hour interview with host Maureen Langan, Bodine expertly detailed what the rulings on Prop 8 and DOMA meant, how they would impact Americans and what could happen with them in the future. Roger Marsh, host of "The Bottom Line" on California's KBRT-AM 740 and KCBC-AM 770, turned to Bodine on back-to-back occasions, inviting him on to discuss the Texas affirmative action case on one day and the Voting Rights Act the following morning.

Lawyers.com, which is a leading legal website for individuals and small business owners, regularly covers voting discrimination, marriage equality and the legal perspective of current events.

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