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As Students Head Back to School, Lawyers.com Offers Parents Topical & Timely Advice

Sep 25, 2013 11:26 AM by
Amy Kovar
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back to schoolAs any parent knows, students today have an educational experience that is dramatically different from that of earlier generations. The learning environment has changed, in some ways for the better and some ways for the worse. At the same time, federal and state laws have further defined and clarified students' and parents' rights.

Lawyers.com has a commitment to providing consumers with timely and practical legal information, and as the back-to-school season got into full swing, the Lawyers.com blog published a host of education issues, including:

These breaking news articles complement the education law section of Lawyers.com, which features articles on a variety of school-law topics, including college and university law, and special education law. The section also provides quick access to the Lawyers.com directory of education law attorneys and offers site visitors the opportunity to submit questions to lawyers who practice education law.

Because Lawyers.com is an authoritative resource for education law and news, the site's editor-in-chief, Larry Bodine, has also been tapped by media outlets to offer legal commentary on school law issues.

At the height of the back-to-school season, Bodine was a guest on KOGA-930AM's show Midwest Opinions, where he chatted with hosts John Brandt and Dave Bradley about several back-to-school topics, including bullying. The blog Motherhood Moment published a Q&A with Bodine discussing legal issues in education.

"Lawyers.com is committed to providing the most comprehensive information, news and analysis on legal issues facing consumers," Bodine says. "Whether it's education law, personal injury law, employment matters or another practice area, our goal is to provide site visitors with all of the information they need to understand and address their legal issues — making us a 'must visit' resource for people with legal issues.

"In turn, these efforts benefit the law firms and lawyers with robust profiles on Lawyers.com. Whether you are using live chat functionality on your law firm's profile, answering visitor-submitted questions in our Ask a Lawyer program, or participating in any other Lawyers.com feature, you are benefiting from the 34 million unique visitors that are coming to Lawyers.com each year."

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