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HOW TO: Let the Holidays Help Your Law Firm Visibility

Oct 22, 2012 09:20 AM by
Dee Latham
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Holiday Marketing for LawyersWhether you're reading this post in chilly New York or sunny South Beach, chances are that within the last few days (or even minutes), one thing is for sure: you've briefly thought about the upcoming holiday season and how it will impact your law firm.

It may mean a fleeting glimpse of a tropical island for some, but for others, it's time needed to concentrate on how to achieve year-end numbers and the almighty push to acquire new clients — along with keeping your existing clients happy.

So how can you best use this time of year to market your firm online? Here are a few tips to get you thinking about how to use this medium to your advantage during the holiday season:


Take inventory of your marketing efforts throughout the year.

Now is the time to ask yourself these critical questions (and complete honesty is required):

  • Is there an area of my marketing that's missing or can be improved upon?
  • Am I actively keeping up with online marketing trends for lawyers?
  • Have I reached my marketing goals for the year?

Set goals for your holiday marketing campaign.

Think about what you would like to accomplish for your firm in the next few months: a higher level of visibility? Acquire more, higher quality clients? Review how you have been measuring the return on your marketing investment up until this point. Are you planning on using the same method during this time of year to assess your firm's growth?

The key is to create a strategic, actionable plan that addresses your objectives and goals for the coming months and stick to it!


Integrate social media with your other marketing channels.

How do your social media efforts fit in with your firm's overall holiday marketing plan? Make sure you take into account your entire campaign, and keep in mind that it's a viable channel, especially as the number of users continues to increase at a rapid pace:

  • It's all in an instant. Consistently updating content will benefit your search rankings, since social media happens in real time.
  • Pump up the volume. Be bold and stand out from your competitors with compelling messaging, interesting blog posts, relevant emails or any other communication that will be sent during the season.
  • Watch the calendar. Are you planning any interesting holiday blog posts or website updates? Make sure these tactics reach your audience in a timely fashion-don't be the firm that lags behind the others during this limited window of opportunity.

Raise the bar on engagement.

Especially during the holidays, consumers are bombarded with online communications (competitive firm emails, general store offers, etc.) that contain different types of messages. Your potential clients may be challenged to focus.

What's the solution? Step up your online marketing efforts — timely, relevant information through your law firm website, blog posts and tweets will generate more interest among your audience.

Even though it's the busiest time of the year, there's no shortage of consumers who are looking for legal help.

Take advantage and beat the holiday rush — introduce quality leads to your firm, cultivate customer relationships and expand your firm's online presence today.

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